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I'm Dominic Cerquetti, a software engineer and entrepreneur based out of Baltimore, MD, USA.

I'm currently looking to collaborate with interesting people to solve problems for your business or organization.

During my 5 year tenure as CEO of a nonprofit videogame music festival, I oversaw all aspects of culture and operational growth of empowering our team to scale from a small 3000 person event into a large multi-city organization with events coast to coast, the largest of which tops out at 20,000 unique attendees and 1,600 volunteers.

With a background in computer science, software engineering, and 7 years experience in professional AAA videogame development, I can deep dive into technology solutions to solve tough problems or build platforms+tools to unlock non-technical creatives.




Baltimore City
Maryland, USA


(410) 449-2377


Professional Experience


For 4 years, I was the fulltime CEO of MAGFest, a 4 day videogame music festival, as it grew exponentially from 2000 people to 20,000 in 5 years, building an office staff of 7 as it went, and expanding to run events on opposite coasts.

Click here for more details about my tenure with MAGFest INC



Setup all aspects of various large music concerts and festivals from booking bands to running sound, both inside MAGFest and as part of other events.

One of our events featured a live band beating Megaman 2 on a 5 story LED billboard in the middle of Baltimore city during Artscape


Firaxis Games, Big Huge Games: Worked as a generalist programmer on audio, visual FX, tools for artists/sound crew, and asset processing pipelines.

AAA Games shipped:
Firaxis Games: X-COM, Civilization Revolution+DLC, Civilization 5
Big Huge Games: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning+DLC

Personal game: Pirates vs Ninjas

Notable tech: Shipped titles using Unreal engine, Unity, custom in-house engine/tools, on PC and console platforms for Xbox(360) and Playstation 3. C++/C#/python


Various roles in the Baltimore Rock Opera Society i.e. the BROS.  BROS creates all-original epic rock theater productions featuring a live rock band and over the top props/sets/etc.

I've played keyboard in the band, edited scripts, and served as a technical director for sound and lights for various shows. Most recently, I have joined the board of directors on a quest to acquire our own theater to build our ultimate rock palace called The Paradise.

More about the Baltimore Rock Opera Society


I've built and maintained a lot of random software over the years, from videogames to one-off projects to ticketing / staff management software that has processed millions of dollars in transactions for MAGFest.

My experience having been CEO of MAGFest and a tools developer drives the design of my projects to be focused on the end user and creating value for the customer.  

I've been on all sides of software projects including being in the trenches coding and debugging arcane systems, being a project manager using Agile/Scrum methodologies, or bringing together a team of excited nerds to finish out a project.

Currently doing contracts using Mendix, a rapid low-code development that cuts out scaffolding to get web/native apps running extremely fast.




No Battle Plan Survives Contact With the Enemy
— Helmuth von Moltke


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